Who says there are boundaries to love?

When Marina first got in touch with me about the wedding, I had no idea their story could be used as a great movie scenario. This wonderful and amazing couple met, believe it or not, on Instagram. Marina is from a small town in Croatia, and Sean is from Alaska. I truly believe in what they say about never knowing what’s coming next. Especially if you’re bored and scrolling through your phone. What follows are “Memoirs of a Bride”.

One day, one wonderful day, I was really bored and I was checking out tattoos on Instagram. I was just scrolling for hours and hours. Then I found a selfie of a guy with beautiful blue eyes sitting in that tattoo chair and I thought to myself, “Marina, if you don’t comment now, you never will, you’ll never get up the courage.” I decided to make a comment saying he has very beautiful blue eyes and that he shouldn’t be afraid of needles, it’s not that bad. Sean responded and we kept talking, one comment after another.

We kept in touch for 10 months and made arrangements for him to visit Croatia at Christmas but we liked each other so much that we pushed this up, and he visited during the summer. When he arrived, we visited Plitvice Lakes. There we went hiking and toured the whole park for 3 hours. At one moment, Sean said to me, “Look at this lake, it’s beautiful.” I was looking at the lake, but he was so cute so I turned my head to look at him. When I saw him, he was kneeling down on one knee and this is when he asked, “Will you marry me?” My eyes teared up and I said, “woohoo, yeees”.

The rest is history. Marina and Sean had a civil wedding in Virginia, and a year later, in Croatia as well. The two of them are so effortless, and when their eyes meet, they radiate so much love and warmth. These photos represent them. Just the way they are. Smiling, happy to exist for one another.