Hi, I'm Ivan, your soon-to-be wedding photographer.

I'm Ivan, your future wedding photographer. Only my parents and sisters call me by my name, and everyone else has their own variation of a nickname based on my last name, Ripke, Ripa etc. :) I was born in 1994 and came from a wonderful place in the east of Croatia - Ilok. I am a lover of marketing and new technologies. I love the sunrise, morning coffee, cycling in nature, animals and beer before bed. However, more than anything, I would like to emphasize my love for Sabrina, the wife who occupied my heart and who currently carries an indescribable treasure under her heart - our first son Ante.

Of all the loves, the one towards photography is completely different. I started doing it in high school, and the journey with wedding photography began in 2016. The style I cultivate is documented-artistic, which means that I try to capture in an artistic way all those emotions that you are not even aware of. The eager lips, the hidden tear in the corner of the eye, the look you two give each other when you first meet, your grandmother's happiness, unprecedented dance moves - these are all situations that we often overlook, and precisely such situations are caused by the greatest, deepest and purest emotions.

Although I am very tall and it is considered that I can hardly hide, the biggest compliment I get is when my couples say that they can't believe what emotions I captured, and they didn't even notice me.

Let me document your emotions as well.

Father, husband and wedding photographer