Wedding in Dubrovnik, 2022


Where are you “based”?

I am seated in Zagreb (Croatia), but no destination is off my grid and I’ll get to wherever I need to.

We’ve seen your photographs on Facebook/Instagram, however we’d like to know if we could see a complete gallery of wedding photo

Yes, you could. Just contact me and say you want to see a whole gallery of wedding photographs and I’ll send you my latest photo galleries.

We still have some questions and doubts. Can we meet for an informal meeting?

Of course, just contact me and we’ll set up a meeting.

We don’t like having our photos taken, we don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Don’t worry. That’s what most brides and grooms say. :) I try to keep a low profile on the day of the wedding and not to intrude too much, so you’ll forget I’m even there. At the session, the first 15 to 20 minutes usually involves casual/spontaneous photos and comfortable surroundings, after 20 minutes or so you begin to relax and start suggesting your own ideas, etc.

We love everything and we’ve decided to hire you. What’s next?

If you’re in the vicinity of Zagreb, I prefer to meet for coffee and make further arrangements. This is when I get to know you, see what exactly are your wishes and how can I make them come true, we sign a contract and you pay the advance in the amount of 100 EUR. After we sign the contract and you pay the advance, your date is 100% booked and you can continue planning the rest of the wedding without worries.
If we can’t meet up in person, we’ll get in contact over the phone or via e-mail and arrange everything regarding the contract and payment of the advance.

How many photographs do you deliver?

The amount of the delivered photographs depends on the duration of the wedding itself, as well as on the number of photographers with you on your special day, but we deliver a minimum of 700 photographs on average.

We like your photos. May we see your packages and prices?

Of course, contact me via e-mail or fill out the contact form and I’ll send you the brochure as soon as possible.

We’re not sure about our wedding date. When is the latest that we can let you know about the final date?

The sooner the better. As people say, “the photographer you’ve seen today and are thinking about tonight will be booked tomorrow because someone saw him yesterday.” Some dates aren’t as popular so it’s possible for a date to be available for up to two months prior, however some dates are booked for a year and a half in advance, so it’s best to book the photographers as soon as possible.

How long is the wait for the delivery of the finished materials?

Since I base my work on the high-quality of photographs and go over the processed material several times to ensure that everything is top-notch, time of delivery for the materials is from 30 to 90 working days, which is also noted in the contract. Optimal delivery deadline is 2 months from the day of the wedding. Processing photographs is almost as just as important as taking them because this is when I select the best photographs and add my style.

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